Canada and the Venezuela crisis


The emphasis changes slightly year on year, but the overall picture for attacks on aid workers remains persistently, and unacceptably, high. In , aid workers were killed while doing their jobs. Another aid workers were kidnapped or injured in serious attacks. This fits an ongoing pattern: over the past decade, close to aid workers have been affected by serious violence every year. In we saw a 30 per cent increase in fatalities from , reflecting a heightened lethality in the style of attacks. National staff and organizations take the brunt of the attacks each year, but that share grew even larger. But these countries are where local populations, sometimes besieged by warring parties, desperately need emergency assistance. Nigeria also climbed into the top five countries in for the first time.

Have aid workers mastered the long-distance relationship?

Organizations are classified by their role in each project: as a donor, partner, or reporting organization. Each organization may serve in various roles across different projects. Initiated for the specific purposes of individual and community development and disaster relief.

Humanitarian Worker. Humanitarian, United Nations & Associated Personnel understand a given situation, entails the collection, up-dating and analysis of.

The Embassy of Canada to Venezuela in Caracas has temporarily suspended its operations. Making international phone calls from Venezuela may be challenging. For emergency consular assistance, send an email to sos international. A consular officer will call you back without delay. Ensure that you provide a phone number where we can reach you. Canada is deeply concerned by the unprecedented political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the subsequent suffering of the Venezuelan people.

We remain strongly committed to the promotion and protection of democracy and human rights.

Political Unrest In Puerto Rico After Discovery Of Unused Hurricane Aid

Finding love is an eternal dilemma. In the ever-changing arena of humanitarian aid you lead a life less ordinary. To find — or hold on — to love can be a challenge. Love makes you feel good, and releases happy hormones that makes you more productive and energetic.

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The world in lockdown has created a profound shock to our societies and economies, and women are at the heart of care and response efforts underway. Primarily as caregivers, women are not just sustaining families, but also serving as front-line responders, mainly in the health and service sector. This heightened tension is often caused from restrictions on income generating activities needed to sustain families.

Despite these odds, Rohingya women are serving as front-line workers to protect their families and communities. One unique way they are doing this is by producing masks to fill a significant gap of personal protective equipment PPE in the market. A mother of 3 children, she fled to Bangladesh during the outbreak of armed conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar, when her husband was killed. Back in Rakhine State, her family was self-sufficient owning land and livestock.

But now in the refugee camp, like more than , refugees, she is fully reliant on humanitarian aid, just to survive. This is her first ever income and the highest her family has ever earned.

Secret aid worker: how to find love, or at least a date, after the field

Djibouti, and other regional countries in Africa, have been severely affected by unusually heavy rains. Five hundred have died in clashes between Muslims and Christians over the last week. A traumatised population has suffered long enough. Countries who have influence in Syria should be doing much more to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid. Ethiopia’s missing prime minister has been taking part in diplomatic efforts to resolve the Sudan crisis from his sick bed, according to African Union officials.

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Humanitarian situation reports, response plans, news, analyses, evaluations, for over , workers, and caused about 42, layoffs – research reveals.

We use cookies to give you a better experience. Discover the history of humanitarian aid and the principles and values that underpin it. Introduction to Humanitarian Aid. Earthquake, flood, fire, famine and conflict — we seem to be hearing more about these things every day, and watching as they impact communities all over the world. Fortunately there are organisations trained and ready to assist communities affected by disasters.

On this course you will explore the long history of humanitarianism, learning about the important principles and values that underpin it.

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The humanitarian bulletins are publicly available online. This paper explores cross-border humanitarian assistance within the Syrian conflict. We document how humanitarian actors operate to deliver humanitarian health care in North-West Syria Turkish border , explore their challenges and critique the language used within current debates on the localisation of aid.

Emerging trends in humanitarian aid—particularly around unconditional cash programming, impartial they are wildly inconsistent, most dating back to the mid-.

They were exciting times. I was about to move back to Europe to finally live with my girlfriend after five years in the field and almost two years of long distance. I also seemed to be very close to a job offer. After three rounds of challenging interviews including a presentation on a topic nobody seemed to have researched before and an automated interview where I had the unpleasant task of talking to myself on a screen for about an hour, I received the hope-inducing email requesting contacts for my referees.

In the next couple of days I started hearing from my referees, making jokes about whether I was being interviewed for a CEO job as the reference process seemed to be as complex as the interviews. And then, one morning, I got an email that made my heart sink and flare up with rage all at the same time. Clearly, in the long list of questions they had sent to all of the referees, they had forgotten to include one: Who does Martina like to sleep with?

UN Women and Rohingya women on the front line of COVID-19 response

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To this date, various NGOs are reaching out to Nadira to visit UN Women’s UN Women with its partners BRAC and Action Aid Bangladesh.

The past decade has, most notably and most appallingly, witnessed the revelation of extensive sexual violence and exploitation exacted by the aid industry on the people it purports to help. With internal inquiries dating back to and over 40 major organisations implicated, the scale of systemic abuse is astonishing, prolonged and well-known by the sector itself Ainsworth, These persisting issues are inexcusable and affect children disproportionately.

This cannot be allowed to continue. By acknowledging the most grave failures we are better enabled to address and thwart them with concrete policy change and action. One of the inequalities that persists in the humanitarian sector is that of the growing wage gap between international often Western and national staff nationals in the country of operation.

In a study and audio documentary by Anna Strempel focusing on India , China , Malawi , Uganda , Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea , it was found that local staff are paid on average four times less than international staff — in spite of having similar levels of education and experience.

Treading the road less travelled: Life as a humanitarian worker

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